Have you ever felt this way before? This is one of the most common observations a language teacher hears when we first diagnose our students. What is it that make them feel this way?

A great amount of our adult students lack confidence when speaking a second language in public. Especially if they are dealing with people who they imagine being better than themselves in addressing the language. We are social animals and as we grow, we are taught to behave accordingly and do our best in order to be accepted socially. And this is what we do.

Speaking a second language in public, is many times and for many people a non-comfort zone.

It all depends on your personality type, introvert, extrovert but, when you feel the others can do better and you feel judged, you may tend to shut up and keep it to yourself.

Well this isn’t good for languages. If you want to become better, you ought to speak and make mistakes. The first thing you must accept is: Your own FAILURE.

Feeling embarrassed is something we don’t want to experience but when it comes to communicating in a second language you ought to go through it if you really want to overcome this point. It is only by experiencing failure that you can improve. Embrace it and use it as a precious tool for your learning process and for your confidence boosting.

The process of building confidence is a slow one. Accepting that you will fail will push you forward to the road of improvement. Being less judgemental of yourself. It isn’t easy but worth the fight. Embracing your mistakes and failures and having sense of humour are both essential tools in the boosting of your confidence, not the only way but an honest one to work with yourself.