Have you ever considered yourself not talented enough when it comes to learning a second language? Many of our adult students think and consider themselves not talented enough for learning languages. Of course, we have people who are more gifted on the topic than others but learning languages as in any other thing in life you need dedication and commitment first. You need to be focused on the learning and you really must want to learn it.

Talent plays an important role, especially if we subdivide the topic into specific areas, such as pronunciation, auditory skills or grammar… for instance, some people are really good at pronouncing well at the first time the hear a word, others will need to repeat it out loud in front of the mirror several times, or when it comes to auditory skills, some students pick the meaning right away the first time they hear a sentence or words, others will need more time.

TALENT is important, but without commitment or dedication one goes nowhere. When we are young, we simply don’t feel like committing to things or subjects in general while in school and what becomes enhanced is our talent or the things that we are naturally good at. As grown-ups we keep these memories… But too, as grown ups we acquire the ability to commit better and deeper therefore we can learn more and unimagined things or topics. As grown-ups we master the art of learning better.