Nossos clientes

Desde 2014 temos ajudado empresas, profissionais e estudantes a utilizar a língua como plataforma de crescimento

  • Very nice teachers, and also very accessible, dynamic and encouraging. I have learned a lot with We Go Places and I hope one day I have enough confidence to visit England and speak in English while I am there.
    Cristina Esteves
  • Having English Lessons with Beatriz has Improved my networking and closeness to people from different cultures as well as the increase of self-confidence when communicating in English with people from other cultures.
    Ricardo Dionísio
  • A very good approach to tidy up all theoretical and grammatical rules inside our head! Some we use and we do not even notice, others were somehow forgotten –  a refresh was very efficient to consolidate knowledge and accuracy!
    Cristina Tercio
  • Lessons are lively and full of different types of media; texts, animations etc. are often used to bring the content to the classroom. And it´s incredibly practical to live in Brazil and use Skype for the classes.
    Cristina Andrade
  • I truly believe this partnership has been valuable for our personnel and for the company itself. A tailor made solution, with conversation groups, one to one classes helped us to adjust and improve our overall skills.
    Jorge Vinha da Silva
  • Our classes are mainly focused on conversation and we are making excellent progress as Michelle is such good teacher.
    Joana Melo & Maria João Campos